Different Types Of Party Wall

Are you planning to start a construction project at your property in London? If yes then it is essential to have an understanding of the party wall as it can raise disputes between you and your neighbor in the future. As per the London party wall act, if any construction is done involving the party wall, the person getting the construction should get the permission of the neighbor beforehand in the form of an agreement.

There are few types of party walls that the owner should be aware of when planning to construct a building or undertake any other work.

Party wall type A –  This is the common wall that separates two adjacent buildings. The wall extends across both buildings. If any of the owners wants to go for construction under the party wall type A, it is necessary to take permission of the other owner and serve the notice for the same. It is also known as the Party fence wall.

Party wall type B –  When the whole wall is on one side of the land, but it comes in between two lands in such a manner that it is used by 2 or more proprietors to separate the building within their sides, it is the party wall type B. For example: when the wall is built by the 1st owner, and the very small wall is used by the owner of the neighboring building.

Party structure –  Another type of party wall, when talking about appearance is known as party structure. Its work is to physically divide the two buildings. A party structure notice is advised to be used when getting any kind of construction on the party wall building.

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