Get Perfect Lighting With World-Class Grip And Lighting Equipment

When it comes to lighting, producers in South Florida need to decide what kind of lighting sources would be used. Thus, questions arise regarding gripping and mounting. As per the director’s aspirations, the crew works effectively with a rigged set. Shooting isn’t possible without proper grip and lighting rental equipment in South Florida.

During a shooting, there are several changes that can make gripping and mounting real trouble. Gripping accessories make the set safe and secure to work. With this, even small accessories become very critical for tightening the light fixture.

Equipment required in a grip truck

C-clamps –  These are indispensable accessories required for effective mounting. C-clamps are used in motion pictures fitted with 16mm pins. For the film industry, clamps have either pipe or flat faces.

Gaffer grip – Gaffer grip offers multiple uses. It comes with 16mm pins. With adjustable jaw openings, it provides expandable mounting capabilities. They are also known as gator grips.Safety wires-Safety wires are used to tighten the lighting fixtures.

Wallplates – They are of different types such as baby plates or junior wall plates. Baby wall plates are used to hold down small fixtures. They can be nailed or screwed at the top of the set walls. Junior wall plates are known as set wall brackets. The design of both plates is quite similar.

Other accessories included in the rental packages are LED lighting, Tungsten lighting, specialty lights, rigging and grip gear, FX equipment, generators, HMI, and Kino Flo.

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