Different Types Of Rare TCG Pokemon Cards

Card games have enjoyed great popularity ever since they were introduced. They continue to be people’s favorite pastime in gatherings as they come in different forms. One of the famous forms of playing cards is Trading cards. Games based on trading cards have been children’s favorite. These cards contain famous characters from pop cultures and have their unique characteristics to game upon.

The most popular ones are Pokemon cards having unique pokemon TCG codes to be redeemed for online play. Here are some of the different and rare pokemon card types for collection.

Holo Rare – The name itself suggests that these cards have a unique holo feature. It allows the cards to shine and be unique in illuminated atmospheres. They are limited in numbers and as such is a perfect item for card collection. The pictures contained in the card are holographic and can therefore show movements like an animation.

Reverse Holo – This is another card with a unique appearance. It also has the unique shine of holo but with a difference. It covers every part of the card with shiny material except for the main picture . Any of the cards in the collection can be a reverse holo and therefore they are not particularly rare, except for some unique pokemon characters.

Full art – This is a variant of the EX or FX cards. These cards have a picture of the entire body of the pokemon. The picture takes over the entire space and the details of the pokemon are mentioned over the picture.

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